February 9, 2023

Growing in the New Year!

Hi there! Welcome to the Makenzie Cioffi blog, a journal about my life, travels, and current sessions. Stay a while and say hello!
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I am a little late at doing my goals for 2023, but I took the first month of the year to reflect and look to the future to see where I feel God is leading me over the next year. Within the last month, God has shown me so much! This has left me so expectant about what he has planned for this year!

In reflecting on 2022, there was no doubt it was a difficult year! God used it to teach me A LOT this past year! He turned my life in a completely different direction that I never saw coming (as he does). In 2022 I took a deep dive into weddings and started second shooting, bought a new Jeep, hosted my first styled shoot, I experienced heartbreak, went to Disney with some of my best friends, purchased a film camera, and started learning film, and survived the Great war to get Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets. 2022 brought so many experiences and new adventures.

As I spent time reflecting, there was one clear thing! God will do whatever he needs to get you where He wants you. I believe with all my heart that 2023 will be the year I join in God’s will daily to see his plan come to fruition in my life.

For 2023 I have set personal and business goals and I would like to share them with you!


Transition into being a Hybrid photographer with Film– When I say I have fallen head over heels IN LOVE with film, I am not exaggerating! Every time I get a roll of scans back, I fall more in love with the whole process!! I am excited to keep growing with this skill and achieve my goals to be a hybrid photographer! 

Consistent BloggingLet me be the first to say I am terrible at this! Writing has never been my strong suit, and I am the world’s worst at grammar, but the only way to get better is by practicing! My goal for the year is to blog every session. I plan to add it to my workflow to help me stay consistent with blogging!

Start A Rental Company– This has been a new dream recently! I have grown a love for acquiring vintage couches, and I thought, why not rent them out as my collection grows! I plan to rent them for weddings as lounge areas are popular and for photography sessions! Hopefully, this will be up and running very soon!

Open a Print Shop– If you have been around a while, it is no surprise I LOVE to travel, and when I do, I always have my camera with me! I have decided 2023 will be the year I get to share all the lovely images I take around the globe with you! My pictures will be available to purchase printed versions very soon!

Become a Travel Agent- As I have said before, I LOVE to travel! I have decided it’s time to share that love of travel by becoming a travel agent! My vision is to help those couples who need help planning a honeymoon or family who wants to go on a Disney Vacation! I want to share another love and passion I have to make your adventures a success!


Get Healthy- I have never had the best eating habits or been in shape. My goal for 2023 is to just become the healthiest version of myself! To start our house got a peloton! I am excited about this, I love to cycle but never have time to make it to any classes. I believe this will be a great start to achieving this goal this year!

Travel More– I have not travel much over the past few years. My goal this year is to take advantage of my chance I get to travel! I have a few exciting trips already planned, I can wait to share where I am going!

Read the Bible every day- This is my goal to strive for, but I know there may be times this is not possible due to circumstances. But it will be what I strive for every day to build my relationship with Jesus!

I have a lot dreamed up for 2023! Some things will be coming a lot sooner than you think! I have picked expectant to be my word for the year because it is what I plan to be this year while I see what God has in store for me this year!

Thanks for Reading!

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Hi there! Welcome to the Makenzie Cioffi blog, a journal about my life, travels, and current sessions. Stay a while and say hello!

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